Farewell FrancisM…

I was in my end of Elementary Studies that I first heard Francis Magalona’s Music the “Mga Kababayan”. And I said to myself WOW this is a good song and I tried to record it in our Cassette Recorder and then I finally did it after 2 years that is, because I cannot get a very clear copy and without the Dj’s voice on the background. But my personal favorite was “Kaleidoscope World”. As you can say I was a FAN, I also watched his movies but the sad part is I never have met him in person. The only rapper I met and seen in person and had also given me a Hi5 when I was still working in VIVA Video City was Andrew E, which I was also a fan of.

The thing is I saw Francis on T.V. how he plays with his Kids and enjoy a fun time with them even though he’s got hectic schedules for shows and tapings, he made time for his family. He made a mark in everyones heart from youngsters to oldies and given life to the “Rap Scene in the Philippines”. And even though I wanted to be a rapper before and still wants to be one now even for just a song. I enjoyed listening in yours. I will always be a fan and your songs will continue to play in my MP3 player.

To you FrancisM my thanks =:o)


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