Day 5 of 2013, 1st TG day also

Nothing in the world should hinder us to continue in the faith that we have received from Christ.

This is the 1st Saturday of 2013 there calendar year, from my 1st post last January 1, 2013. I have said “their new year came with me sick in bed” is because we are celebrating New Year in the calendar which Christ Himself followed. The Hebrew Calendar and that day will be in March 12, 2013.

While even Chinese got their new year in February 10, 2013. Also Hindi New Year will be in April 11, 2013 and Islamic New Year in November 15, 2013.

So when we say Happy New Year to a chinese or to hindus and muslims they might not reply with the same greeting.

Even more the year is not even the correct year since it is 4 years short to the correct one so this year id we are really going to follow it should be already 2017.

So today we are going to give thanks because we are still alive and we have been saved from many things we don’t even realize happening in our surroundings.

We are thankful in all things, even in sadness, happiness. To GOD is the Glory.

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